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Welcome to the Coast-to-Coast School of Lymphedema Management’s Website!

This is the Coast-to-Coast School of Lymphedema Management’s Website. Anne-Marie Vaillant-Newman, founder, offers several courses each year in order to provide PTs, OTs and MDs with detailed knowledge of lymphedema management techniques. We began offering seminars in this specialty in 1994 and to date, over 1400 Physical and Occupational Therapists as well as Medical Doctors have attended them.


Changes coming to the company:

Beginning soon, there will be a change in leadership and training within the company.  Anne-Marie will be stepping down, and training will be taken over and continued by the renowned expert Marie Leblanc, PT.  Marie has been formally trained in Lymphedema Management by Albert and Olivier Leduc and has worked in their facility in Brussels, Belgium. 

Marie Leblanc, PT, graduated first in her class in Physical Therapy from the Free University of Brussels, Belgium in 2003.  She was later trained in Vascular Therapy and lymphatic drainage by Professors Albert and Olivier Leduc.  She worked in their private clinic for her training during her studies. She has practiced Physical Therapy and treatment of lymphedema in Hospitals and in her private office.  She also received 5 years of training in osteopathy.

Stay tuned to find out more!

Professional Training

Do you have physical therapists, occupational therapists, or even physicians in your facility that you wish to train? Recruit 10 attendees to the training session, and I will personally come out to your facility to train them. Contact me with the planned schedule for the training in your facility!

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Lymphedema Management?

Lymphedema, an impairment of the lymphatic system, may develop after cancer surgery and/or radiation therapy. This condition results in chronic and debilitating limb or trunk swelling. The same symptoms are observed in primary lymphedema, which is a congenital condition. Management of lymphedema consists of a combination of manual lymph drainage, intermittent compression therapy, multi-component bandaging, and family and patient education regarding the etiology and treatment of this chronic condition.

Our Story

Lymphedema Management Leduc method started in 1994. From 1994 to 2004 professor Albert Leduc and Professor Olivier Leduc taught the Initial and Advanced Courses; I assisted them. I started teaching the Initial and Advanced courses in 2004. My mentors: Professor Albert Leduc started performing research in the field of physical treatment of lymphedema in 1970. The initial studies were published in 1973-1974. You may read more details on the work of Professor Leduc clicking on �News� on the home page and reading the article written by Professor Leduc � Encounter with Emil and Astrid Vodder�. Professor Olivier Leduc defended his thesis in 1987. The Leduc method is research-based: the effectiveness of their manual lymph drainage techniques and bandaging techniques has been demonstrated through fundamental research. I attended my first course in Lymphedema Management Leduc method with Professor Albert Leduc in 1985. click here to continue reading

Course Guide is Available Now!

An E-book that accompanies the course has officially been published! It contains the explanations and illustrations of the techniques of Lymphedema Management Leduc Method. It is a great tool to assist you in your practice. It provides the information necessary to keep your techniques honed to perfection, many years after you've completed the course.

This E-Book is available for past students and current students whom have attended and completed one of our courses.

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Upcoming Seminars

Our Speakers:

It is a great honor for me to welcome all these world renowned guest speakers at the courses and the conference.
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Anne-Marie Vaillant-Newman

Anne-Marie Vaillant-Newman, P.T., M.A.
Member of the International Society of Lymphology Member of the European Society of Lymphology Master of Arts, Teacher College � Columbia University. Former student of Professor A. Leduc.

Stanley G. Rockson

Stanley G. Rockson, MD, FACP, FACC,
Chief of Consultative Cardiology. Allan and Tina Neill Professor of Lymphatic Research and Medicine. Professor of Medicine. Director, Center for Venous and Lymphatic Disorders Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, California.

Irene L. Wapnir, MD, F.A.C.S

Irene L. Wapnir, MD, F.A.C.S.,
Professor of Surgery. Chief of Breast Surgery. Stanford University School of Medicine.

Melinda L. Telli, M.D.

Melinda L. Telli, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Medicine Stanford University Division of Medical Oncology

Dung Nguyen, MD

Dung Nguyen, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor, Division of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. Director, Breast Reconstruction Stanford Women's Cancer Center

Jean-Paul Belgrado

Jean-Paul Belgrado, Master in Physiotherapy
Master in Health Sciences, PhD student, Principal Researcher at the Lymphology Research Unit Faculty of Motor Sciences � Free University of Brussels � Belgium.

Maria Josette MULLINS

Maria Josette MULLINS, P.T.
Director of Rehab Services at Memorial Hospital Miramar, Florida Member of the International. Society of Lymphology. 17 years of expertise in Lymphedema Management Leduc method.

Our Mission:

Our purpose is to teach Physical and Occupational Therapists as well as Medical Doctors methods for evaluating, treating and educating patients at risk of developing lymphedema or suffering from lymphedema. Emphasis is on prevention and research-based treatment as per the Leduc method.

Our Core Values:

We are committed to excellence in teaching professionals how to restore, using scientific principles, the health, function, and hope to those patients afflicted with lymphedema.