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    TWO NEW COURSES TO BE OFFERED IN SEPTEMBER AND OCTOBER 2016! I am proud to announce the two upcoming courses : September 9-13, 2016: Location: Bay Club Hotel & Marina – San Diego, CA Course Description: A Research-Based Certification Initial Course in Lymphedema Management Leduc Method October 15-18, 2016: Location: Standford University Hospital – Stanford, CA Course Description: […]
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  • Encounter with Emil and Astrid Vodder

    Differences between the Leduc and the Vodder methods Addressed in Professor Leduc’s following letter: ENCOUNTER WITH EMIL AND ASTRID VODDER Professor Albert Leduc I heard about Emil Vodder for the first time in 1969. Emil Vodder had presented his technique of manual lymph drainage during a Physiotherapy Congress in Geneva, Switzerland. Then, a manual lymph drainage course […]
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  • Number 14 – December 1999

    From the President: This is the last Newsletter before the NEW MILLENNIUM! Be ready for a new era of success for us, Health Workers, who went through much turmoil during this past decade. Let™s wish that this new era would see us gain this freedom of practice and creativity that we need to help our […]
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